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Our mission is to provide a dynamic, diverse, creative education that meets the unique learning needs of boys, in an environment that nurtures and challenges each student to reach his highest potential.


Our vision is that every boy in Austin will have educational opportunities that instill a love of learning and prepare him for personal excellence, meaningful contributions to his world, and a fulfilling future.


The Boys’ School of Austin is an academically challenging school where boys learn through exploration and movement, by doing, making, inventing, and building.

At The Boys’ School of Austin, we value:

  • Personal responsibility
  • Personal success
  • Individual exploration of and definition of masculinity
  • Developmentally-appropriate, rigorous and challenging academics
  • Social and emotional development

We support and cultivate students who are:

  • Critical thinkers
  • Problem solvers
  • Socially-aware citizens
  • Empathic and thoughtful individuals
  • Engaged learners
  • Courageous risk-takers
  • Leaders

Why a Boys’ School?

The Boys’ School of Austin is one of only two all-boys schools in Austin, the city’s only all-boys elementary school, and the only private school for boys.

We’re passionate about the potential of single-gender education for boys. This focus – combined with our challenging, hands-on curriculum and the small size of our engaged, supportive community – contributes to a unique culture in which every student can be his best self, can lead and collaborate, explore and excel, flourish and thrive.

Research, both quantitative and qualitative, supports the positive impact of single-gender education, with potential benefits including increased academic achievement, greater faculty and staff sensitivity to gender differences in learning and maturation, increased equity in curriculum, exposure to positive same-gender role models, more leadership opportunities, better peer interactions, and the freedom to pursue a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities without the constraints of gender stereotypes.

We’re proud to add to the richness of Austin’s educational landscape with an all-boys independent school. Great things are ahead!

Our Approach

Our approach values a diverse student, faculty, and administrator population; male role models on the faculty and administration; a strong outdoor and movement-based component to the curriculum; community service; and a vertical mentoring program (“big brother”/”little brother” cohorts).

The Boys’ School of Austin will open its doors to students in grades K-4 in fall 2018, adding one to two grades per year each year thereafter, ultimately culminating in a K-8 elementary and middle school campus with one class per grade. Small class size and steady, controlled growth will allow us to prioritize individual attention to students and build a strong sense of community.

Our curriculum integrates core academics (math, science, language arts, social studies), Spanish, studio art (painting, drawing, clay, multimedia), shop (carpentry, metal work, tinkering), music (strings, piano, drums, guitar), PE and health, technology, and social/emotional development.

Our History

The Boys’ School of Austin was founded by a group of parents who were inspired by local single-sex education opportunities available to their daughters and desired the same options for their sons. Currently led by founder Amy Degner and the Board of Directors, The Boys’ School of Austin will open in fall 2018.  The BSA Board is dedicated to building the foundation for a thriving, sustainable future.

Non-Discrimination Statement

The Boys’ School of Austin does not discriminate in the administration of any of its policies or programs, including admission and financial aid, on the basis of race, color, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.